A young girl sits down in front of a video camera to leave some words behind as to why she was about to take her own life...

In the process of explaining herself to the camera a new slant on life emerges...







Berlingske Tidende, leading Danish newspaper: "Mikkel Urup's Danish shortfilm is simple, strong and original. It keeps one glued to the screen. It depics a human being in utmost distress, and it does so without any sugar coating what so ever. A brave and original piece of film work which has an almost documentary reality to it. Kitt Mortensen plays so convincingly than one completely forgets she´s playing a part"selvmord blandt unge unges selvmord blandt unge

Ekstra Bladet, national Danish newspaper: "Linda has gotten out the family camcorder ready to film her own suicide, but not without explaining herself first. The movie is produced by Mikkel Urup (30 yrs.) with Kitt Mortensen (19 yrs.) in the role of Linda. Mikkel Urup, who has also written the script, is a restless soul with a background in both a portrait photography and painting. He was invited to exhibit his works at KE in 1996 and again in 1997." unges selvmord blandt unge unges snges selvmord blandt unge

Hovedkvarteret P3, national Danish radio station: "It is just a movie, but you tend to forget that watching it. The Testament is a suicide attempt right up in front and personal"

Here's an extract from the moview:

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